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Dimensions of the element:

  • Cross section: 7.50cm (width) x 6.5cm (height)
  • Element span: 6 metres (maximum)
  • Weight: 10 kg for every linear metre, maximum 60 kg
  • Concrete: 50MPa
  • Reinforcement strand: 5mm - 8mm steel strand


With the Locrete system, building becomes a simpler and more cost-effective process. We have constructed a number of prototypes designed to demonstrate the different advantages of the Locrete system. We feel that the best way to experience a Locrete Space for the first time is to walk in and around a built structure.

Through the Locrete prototypes built so far we have effectively demonstrated this simplicity of process, covering the cladding the walls with any building material ranging from stone, clay bricks or rendered with sand cement plaster and textured or flat paints. Colouring pigments can even be added to the mixing pool to produce coloured Locrete elements.