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Dimensions of the element:

  • Cross section: 7.50cm (width) x 6.5cm (height)
  • Element span: 6 metres (maximum)
  • Weight: 10 kg for every linear metre, maximum 60 kg
  • Concrete: 50MPa
  • Reinforcement strand: 5mm - 8mm steel strand

How it works...

The shuttering system is to be fabricated by the builder according to the design specifications. The specially designed shuttering system for Locrete columns allows for the wall elements, internally and externally, to be constructed to the required heights prior to casting the columns. The inner shutter elements are levelled to the suspended slab level. Once the reinforced columns are cast permanently, and the shuttering removed, the resulting columns form a rigid hold cementing the wall elements in position.

The Locrete system requires the vertical shuttering of the columns only. This allows for designing a flexible and user friendly shutter system that has various applications. Investment in a shuttering system is mandatory but is offset considering the savings in environmental impact, cost of shuttering material, shutter installation, time and effort.