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Dimensions of the element:

  • Cross section: 7.50cm (width) x 6.5cm (height)
  • Element span: 6 metres (maximum)
  • Weight: 10 kg for every linear metre, maximum 60 kg
  • Concrete: 50MPa
  • Reinforcement strand: 5mm - 8mm steel strand

Internal Walls' Brief

Single wall partitions are built along with the exterior walls in the same manner. Where suspended slab elements are resting on a single wall partition, a Locrete beam is introduced to take the load of the slab element. The beams are always filled with reinforced or plain concrete depending on the structural calculations.

Services Network & Wiring

Internal walls can be built as either single- or double-layer units. The services networks can be easily be laced, in double-layered walls, through the wall cavity. In single walls, channels can be cut out of the wall elements - without compromising structural integrity or strength - or hidden behind gypsum partitions. Alternatively, and in order to radically minimise costs, Services networks can be left exposed.