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Dimensions of the element:

  • Cross section: 7.50cm (width) x 6.5cm (height)
  • Element span: 6 metres (maximum)
  • Weight: 10 kg for every linear metre, maximum 60 kg
  • Concrete: 50MPa
  • Reinforcement strand: 5mm - 8mm steel strand

Slabs Technical Brief

At six metres span (maximum), steel reinforcement and 100mm plain concrete topping, the slabs have a safe loading capacity of 250 kg live load and an equal capacity of dead load.

Constructing Slabs

Locrete slabs are made by stacking the elements, delivered to site already cut to the required lengths, side by side. From three to six metre spans Locrete elements are best propped up, temporarily, at two metre grids.

Minimal thickness reinforcement steel mesh is installed along with the services networks above the Locrete elements to counter the shrinkage effect. Bathroom slabs can be lowered in level to allow the installation of the required services.

Plain concrete is then cast over the elements to form a structural suspended slab with a load bearing capacity varying according to the span, the thickness of the topping layer and other structural factors.