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Dimensions of the element:

  • Cross section: 7.50cm (width) x 6.5cm (height)
  • Element span: 6 metres (maximum)
  • Weight: 10 kg for every linear metre, maximum 60 kg
  • Concrete: 50MPa
  • Reinforcement strand: 5mm - 8mm steel strand

Ground Beams' Brief

The Locrete system is a one-stop solution for most of the building features of Locrete Spaces & Constructions. The Locrete element can be used to build the ground beams for the foundation of projects and developments.

Building the Ground Beams

The Locrete Building System construction process starts with excavating and casting column footings and ground beams. Standard columns and footings reinforcement is installed with footings cast to fit the dimensions required.

Shutters are used to install all columns after which double wall ground beams are built and the cavity is filled with concrete either with or without reinforcement, depending on the design and its structural requirements.

Ground beams are formed with two opposite Locrete wall elements built with a suitable cavity to a structurally calculated height. The elements are hinged into the shuttered column necks on both ends and the cavity is filled with plain concrete. This concrete can be left as is or reinforced, again depending on the structural requirements. The cavity can also be made as narrow or as wide as necessary. Ground beams can also be built to retain any level of fill under the slab-on-grade while double-layered walls filled with plain or reinforced concrete can work as retaining walls.