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KLF Brief

The original facility

The Kuwait Locrete Facility is the first production facility built to produce the Locrete Building System. After it was commissioned in 2006, the Kuwait facility was dedicated to researching and developing the Locrete system as well as marketing it to potential clients.

The output of the facility was mainly utilised for building small projects in Kuwait as well as mock-ups and sample properties for diverse markets in Africa and the Middle East.

The company acquired a certificate from the Ministry of Public Works allowing us to use the Locrete system for public/government sponsored projects.

Staff Profile

Facility details


Warehouse 18, Kuwait Free Trade Zone - Shuwaikh, Kuwait


tel: +965.2461.0082


fax: +965.2461.0086



Production hall + Facilities:


180 linear metres



21 linear metres


Casting beds, number:

12 beds


Casting beds, length:

160 linear metres


Casting beds, width:

1.45 linear metres / bed



Production capacity:

Calculated over 1 year (275 days), 8-hour single shift


7 hours per bed with 1 hour reserve:

220,000 sqm per year (275 days)


13.3 linear metres in each square metre of Locrete on casting bed; total per year in linear metres (lm):

2,926,000 lm

fax: +965.2461.0086


Double-shift production, 16 hours, 250 days (in m2):

352,000 m2


Volume in m3, 16 hours, 250 days

22,957 m3

Recent projects

    - Competition house for International Innovative Housing & Sustainable Energy Efficiency Competition in South Africa.

    - Sample house for the Locrete housing project in Djibouti.

    - Locrete Head Office facilities for Kuwait.

    - Machine manufacturing workshop facilities (Kuwait market).

    - Kuwait National Petroleum Company project: boundary walls.

    - Gulf English School project.