About Locrete

Locrete Holdings Limited (LHL) works together with our clients and partners to deliver quality service, expertise and support. Locrete has been operating since 2006 and has been delivering the Locrete system and establishing production facilities wherever there is a need for affordable housing.

Locrete Holdings is a one-stop shop for all elements associated with the Locrete Building System. We provide the required expertise and knowledge to establish Locrete production facilities and manage construction projects.

LHL is operating with the added advantage of the direct leadership and involvement of the inventor of the system. This lets us offer constant advances in the systems of production and construction as they are developed to all our clients and partners.

We market our system directly to potential clients or partner with local and regional agents. We are ready to engage with anyone who is keen on marketing the Locrete Building System and has the facilities and resources to do so.

Our project management office is comprised of a team of architects, planners and consultants and is responsible for the knowledge and technology transfer to clients engaging construction of mass projects using the Locrete system. We also offer management and consultancy services for anyone interested in hiring us to manage production facilities or projects being built with Locrete.

Through our years of experience, we have developed an extensive and trustworthy list of suppliers for all our needs as well as our clients' needs. We are always evolving our services and offerings and try to maintain a flexible approach towards our operations which has helped us to engage with large, multinational clients to smaller operators.

Modes of Cooperation

Mode 1: Sell Facility Outright
This is the outright sale of a complete facility to an interested buyer. Locrete's responsibilities include the transfer of technology, assistance in the construction of the facility and purchase of machinery and equipment up to the commissioning of the facility. LHL collects the license fee, technology and knowledge transfer fees as well as any mutually agreed consultancy fees.

Mode 2: Joint Venture(Facility)
Locrete will enter into a Joint Venture agreement with any client-partner in order to establish a production facility in their area.

Mode 3: Joint Venture(Housing Project)
A Joint Venture agreement on housing projects that the client-partner is tendering for or developing.

Mode 4: Managerial Services
Locrete will offer any client-partner full managerial services for their Locrete facility for an agreed rate.